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This month the Really Reasonable Ribbon Monthly Ribbon Club Assortment is a frosty winter themed assortment and one of my all time favorites!!  I just love all the fun color assortment. Isn’t it awesome??!


Don’t forget that Really Reasonable Ribbon offers Gift Subscriptions in 3, 6, or 12 month options. What a perfect gift for a crafty friend.  The first assortment comes with a gift card with your special message enclosed.

This month I used several of the ribbons from the December assortment to create this non-traditional color Christmas tree.  I love the way it turned out.  I’ll be sharing a tutorial below.

Ribbon Tree Tutorial
RRR December Ribbon Club assortment
Pins – sequin length pins work best
Styrofoam cone (mine was 2-7/8″ x 5-7/8″)
3 Lindor Truffles (likely the most important item on the list!)

The first thing I did was cut 36 pieces of each of the 4 solid color 5/8″ ribbons.  I cut a point on one end and then cut the piece to measure 1″ from the point to the other edge.  I used closer to 50-ish pieces of each color, but that will vary depending on how far apart you place your rows.  I think if I tried to make another tree exactly the same, I would probably not use the same amount of pieces, so cut some to start and then add more when you run out.


Attach one piece at the bottom of the cone.  I started with the light blue checkerboard ribbon.  I let the point extend over the edge because you don’t want any Styrofoam to show along the bottom edge.


Then add a piece of the same ribbon to the opposite side and then half way between each of those.  Take care to have these initial pieces spaced as evenly as possible.  These are the most important pieces and will set the stage for the entire project.  I used a piece of string to measure the distance between the pieces and adjusted as necessary.  This in the only part you have to do that for.  The rest of the way you can just eyeball it.


Then you will add 4 pieces of the mineral ice diamond satin in between each of the light blue pieces.  Then come in with the rose bloom double faced satin and the iris shimmer satin and fill in all the gaps.


I staggered my colors as I built the columns for added visual interest.  I kind of like it that way, but you could certainly do columns of all the same ribbon too.  I also think a tree of one solid color ribbon would be beautiful.  I’m picturing a tree in my head using all White Glitz Ribbon that would be gorgeous!!  But now I’m getting off topic………. 
(Time for a Lindor break.  BTW – Did you know that a serving size for truffles is 3?  That’s important information to know while crafting in December!)


Continue adding rows of alternating ribbon.


When I got to the last row, I eliminated the light blue and mineral ice ribbons because they would have been totally covered up anyway.


And there you have it…….   Now for the tree topper. 
Now it’s time for my confession.  I started this with no plan what-so-ever.  I wasn’t even sure it would work and now here I am and I have no idea what to do with the top!

So….. I took some of the pretty lace from the assortment and pinned it around the top, kind of gathering it as I went.

Then I cut some ribbon spikes about an inch and a half long and pinned them to the top.


I then made two bows with white silky crush ribbon and cut off the tails, tied a nice bow with the iris shimmer satin and stacked it all on a big corsage pin with a pearl head.  There is also a small plastic pearl between the white loops and the iris bow.  Then insert the pin down through the center of the tree top.   Done!


And here is the finished piece.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
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